Published on 31 August 2022

Get to know a bit more about our Shiny history with this Q&A with our Shiny Director, Pedro!


Starting with the classic interview question - tell us a bit about yourself!

Wow, where to start?! 

I guess its accurate to say I've got a very open mind and I've always been willing to try new things. I have always had an analytical mind but being an entrepreneur and a father has driven me to continually learn and see other ways of thinking. In my spare time I enjoy bouldering, reading, poker, drum and bass and playing games.


How did you decide on Shiny as a name for your brewery?

There were many possibilities but Shiny outshone the rest! Shiny has such positive vibes and fitted with the business that I wanted to create. It also gave me a reason to start with "shiny metallic" pump clips to stand out from the crowd.


A trip down memory lane - tell us the story of the first Shiny beer.

I'd successfully cuckoo-brewed a couple of beers under the Shiny brand before brewing on our first kit at the Furnace Inn. That first beer brewed was a 3.9% Pale called Launchpad, and it was a rather stressful day...

In the previous 2.5 weeks we had dug the ground, laid the new foundations with drainage, erected the brewery building and supplied it with electric and water. The day before the first brew day only half of the brewing equipment had been installed with the aim that the rest of the brewery would be installed "Just-In-Time" before the end of the brewing process.


So by the time the brew day was finished and the installation crew had left I found myself somewhat exhausted and overwhelmed with the first beer in the FV and thousands of pounds worth of equipment that I'd planned so long for, but still didn't know how to use it properly....

Of course, once I'd gotten some sleep everything looked more manageable the following day!!! I thought the beer was great back then, but it wouldn't stand up to the amazing beers our brewers are making now.


What were your aims when you first started Shiny?

The aim in 2012 was to create a brewery that would predominantly supply its own pub and provide myself with an income. I had appreciated that starting a new business on a low budget would be very hard so I didn't have any grand ambitions!


What's your favourite thing about Shiny right now?

It's our Shiny Happy People, definitely!

My favourite thing about Shiny is the amazing team and culture that we've built together. It's a company that offers its employees support, security, development and opportunities.

I'm so proud of the beers that we produce, but also the manner in which we respect our customers, suppliers and the environment.


And finally.. Out of all the beers Shiny have produced, which one's your favourite and why?

Oh, well that's not fair! It's like asking me to choose my favourite child!  I've loved all of our beers in their own special way. Every new IPA of ours hits the heights, but I've always got a soft spot for Wipeout as the best session IPA I've ever tasted.

(If the other beers aren't within earshot my favourites would be Tropical Jelly and Rainbow Tea! Their flavours are so unique, sweet-yet-balanced and drinkable.)