Published on 8 December 2022

Past GOAT. A hazy, creamy 4.9% abv DDH pale keg beer with a single hop - Citra. Greatest of all time?

We've used this hop in countless brews now, refined what we do with it, and thought it was about time we showcased that. Single hopped to focus on the delicate aromas and tastes of Citra, a well-loved hop in the craft beer community.

"No words needed, this is just the GOAT hop" says our head brewer, Jimmy. 'Nuff said. 

Available from next week in a venue near you, unfined and vegan friendly.

Here's one for you Shiny fans: we had a can beer named similarly a whiiiile back, which this keg badge is a nod to. Can you remember what it is? Answer is here!