Find out a bit more about our Shiny staff!

Fave beer: Rainbow Tea
Fact: Loves drum & bass, spreadsheets and bouldering!
Fave beer: Praise The Sun
Fact: Ask Chris sometime about his excessive love of chilli pepper plants!
Fave beer: Cherry Pi
Fact: Two things Mia loves - pubs, and the Peak District!
Fave beer: Wipeout
Fact: Elliot used to host a radio show on the West Coast of Ireland! He loves to play golf in his spare time, too.
Fave beer: Rainbow Tea
Fact: She knows her beer! Holly is also a burlesque dancer
Fave beer: Crush
Fact: You can definitely find me cooking or watching a movie! Meanwhile, I enjoy road trips too.
Fave beer: Lil Wingman
Fact: Outside of work, Jimmy loves a good climb on the rocks!
Fave beer: Staring at Machines
Fact: “When I'm not selling or drinking beer, you'll find me under the stars in a hot tub somewhere rural.”
Fave beer: Tropical Jelly
Fact: Zak particularly enjoys packaging the beer into kegs!
Fave beer: Tropical Jelly
Fact: Llaytons favourite read is the comic series Beserk
Fave beer: Out The Brackets
Fact: Oliver loves going on hikes in the countryside, and is off to study Fashion Design at uni.
Fave beer: Cherry Pi
Fact: Jess loves a good gig & getting covered in tattoos!
Fave beer: Crush
Fact: “I love being at work more than being at my own house”
Fave beer: Damson Crumble
Fact: Will likes going skiing and climbing!