Established in 2012, Shiny began as a small-scale cask brewery operation in the beer garden at the back of the Furnace Inn pub in Derby. This is where our Founder, Pedro, made our first ever brew - Launchpad, a 3.9% pale ale. Find out more about Pedro and how he started Shiny here

After winning awards and recognition for our beers, we moved to a 5000sq.ft site in 2015 to the beautiful village of Little Eaton, just outside of Derby. Shiny Brewery has continually invested in making better beer and getting more of it to more people. Our great selection of beer is now available nation-wide in cask, keg and cans in all sorts of amazing venues  as well as our awesome onsite taproom, The Shiny Tap.

Brewery Racking

Making Happy People:

To put it simply, this is what we do! Making people happy is nice, but making happy people goes further because it becomes a longer lasting positive trait. 

Shiny Brewery are proud to be inclusive and have always sought to conduct our business with integrity and honesty. We're always looking for ways to improve the way we work, including our impact on people and the environment. 

We are continually developing a large range of wonderful unfined and unfiltered beers, the vast majority being vegan friendly and some certified gluten-free. We are also regularly involved with our local community and enjoy supporting events wherever we can!

Hop in Brewery


Shiny is proactive when it comes to sustainability, and it's a continuous journey as far as we're concerned. Here are just some of the actions we take to reduce the impact our production has on the environment:

  • Shiny Brewery is registered as a producer of animal feed! Our leftover grain from brewing goes to a local farmer, so remains a part of the local food system.
  • We're proud of our unique house yeast – it's been maintained over hundreds of brews! The excess yeast that we don't use is sent for bio digestion, where it becomes a renewable form of natural gas.
  • Water used throughout the brewing process serves multiple purposes – cleaning, cooling and of course producing the beer – so we reuse water wherever possible. Shiny currently runs at 3.77 pints of water used per pint, which is a great ratio – although we are always looking for ways to reduce this further!
  • Our hops go on to be used for composting/soil enrichment. They make a wonderful mulch!
Building The Brewery